PPB Insurance Borker is going to attend the 2019 Shanghai Film Festival during June 16th to June 18th. Our booth will be located at J12, 1st Floor, West-1 of Shanghai Exhibition Center. We welcome all our old and new friends to come to our booth, letting us show and share some terrific ideas and explore some potential cooperation in the future.




Last year, we shared some latest developments in the film insurance industry and experiences for film insurance and risk control, which made us get acquainted with many new friends, and led to many brand new cooperation. This year, we would like to continue the topic, and to share some newly developed insurance products, as well as issues and solutions everyone may meet when purchasing the insurance.




As a professional film insurance vendor, PPB has insured more than thousands of TV commercials, hundreds of theatre films, and thousands of episodes of TV series, documentaries and shows, including Europe Raiders (2018), The Adventurers (2017), The Road to Mandalay (2016), Operation Red Sea (2018), Pegasus (2019), A Boyfriend for My Girlfriend (2019) and etc. We not only have long-time strategic partnerships with several film colleges such as Shanghai Vancouver Film School, Shanghai Theatre Academy, Shanghai Film Academy of Shanghai University and etc., but also work close with investors, production companies, producers and equipment service vendors during the production.



Recently, the government pay more and more attention to the film industry and the content, and set up and execute more and more rules and policies, which makes the industry keep developing and brings the evolution. In the Film Industry Promotion Law of the People’s Republic of China issued before, detailed rules and policies are made for creation, film making, releasing, publishing, service supporting and liabilities. We can say with full faith that, the film industry in China is now heading to the standardization and industrialization.


We PPB witnessed lots of risks and accidents happened, which could have been prevented from those nonstandard operations and unprofessional movements including investment, production manner and various liabilities, and all these made people pay. As a professional film insurance vendor, we PPB dedicated ourselves to introduce mature products, completion bond and risk control system abroad specifically according to needs of the local market, and provide professional film insurance solution to the industry along with CPIC, one of the major insurance companies in China. We do our best to communicate and localize the knowledge of the film insurance and risk control, helping the industry in China grow up healthily and industrialize smoothly.


PPB has 3 major products and services


Film Production Insurance

覆盖 Covers:

  • 剧组人员险  Crew member Insurance

  • 主创人员险 Cast Insurance

  • 特技人员险 Stunt staff Insurance

  • 影视器材险. Euipment Insurance

  • 剧组道具美术及财产险  Film props,sets,and Wardrobe Insurance

  • 影棚及片场责任险 Property Damage Liability Insurance

  • 影棚及布景财产险  Studio and Set Property Insurance

  • 航拍无人机及第三方责任险  Drone Equipment and Public Liability Insurance

  • 影视特殊拍摄保险 Special Filming Insurance

  • 影视制作全险 Film Production Insurance


 Film Intellectual Property Insurance


Errors and Omissions Insurance



Provide legal liability insurance to the producers and distributors, in case any of the lawsuit below happens:

unauthorized use of titles, formats, ideas, characters, plots, plagiarism, unfair competition or privacy, and breach of contract. It also protects against alleged libel, slander, defamation of character or invasion of privacy.


Film Financial Insuranc



Completion Bond

The completion bond or the completion guarantee is a very effective performance insurance. It guarantees motion pictures, television or other entertainment will be produced on time, on budget and according to contractual specifications with distributors. Not every production needs a bond. Usually we suggest a bond for a project with high budget (more than 2 million USD), and the bond will also make the investors be willing to invest their funds.


Now, PPB has good relationships with major insurance companies and brokers such as CPIC and Unifi, and also has long-time strategic partnerships with 107cine.com,  VSO China and etc.


During the festival, we have prepared a small but sincere gift for everyone who comes and shares his thoughts with us, and to those who purchase our insurance products on the site, we will also offer discounts. We are just here and looking forward to seeing everyone.


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